Return Policy

Solidarity wants you to be happy with the product you bought.

You are welcome to exchange the product you have bought. The product must be in its original packing and must not be used or worn before. It also shouldn’t be changed or damaged in any way.

Any product which is returned without the original packing will not be exchanged.

The travelling costs for the exchange of the product will be at the client’s expense. If you want to exchange a product because of its colour or size, the full amount of travelling costs will be your responsibility.

Products which you want to exchange and which is received 30 days after sending them to you, will not be exchanged.

If a product must be exchanged because of an error in the manufacturing of it, will be covered in full by Solidarity. Please ensure that when the product reaches you through the shipping company, it is in order, as well as the right product/s. Solidarity will not accept any responsibility if, after delivering the product, it is claimed that it was broken when it reached you. If the product is broken it should be returned immediately with the shipping company.

An e-mail regarding the above-mentioned issues can be directed to